About Us

  Our Mission


Our goal is to provide fashion and accessories that will empower you to feel your best! Be uniquely You! Find the perfect gift or home decor too. We strive to create an uplifting and supportive environment where all are welcome! 

As we grow and expand we strive to collaborate with other small businesses and provide opportunities where people can find enjoyment and thrive!


Owner Jessie

  A Journey to Winnie's Btq.

With a background in ladies wholesale apparel and marketing, a love for crafting and a passion for fashion, I opened Winnie's Boutique! We are excited to share all of our fashionable finds with you! 

My journey to where I am today has led me to share Winnie's Boutique with all of you. After my father suffered a traumatic brain injury my family began a journey of recovery and acceptance. My Mother and I began to make handmade leather jewelry and handbags as we cared for my father. She taught me techniques she had learned as a girl, we discovered new techniques together and collaborated on creating and discovering new styles. We bonded over our new projects and looking at new fashions. I dreamed of one day opening my own boutique that would allow the creativity and flexibility I needed and wanted!

Starting Winnie’s Boutique in 2018 has been empowering, refreshing and has brought so much joy into my life. 

It is my hope that when you wear each piece of clothing, jewelry, or accessory that you feel confident on the inside and joy in your heart! And that every time you step into our stores, pop ups or visit our social media accounts that you feel an uplifting energy that you can take with you into the world!

 I look forward to showing you fun finds and helping you feel your best!